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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outside The Locker Room

I'm going to miss this blog, but its time for new.  Check out Outside the Locker Room. Juicy. Updated. Scandalous.

Outside The Locker Room

Friday, May 2, 2014


I decided a while ago that my blog needed to be spruced up a bit. After some brainstorming, I decided I would like to complete a rebranding project.  For those of you who did not study Marketing, that translates to mean focusing on a new audience or changing the brands image.  So I asked myself a couple of questions.

Who do I want my primary audience to be?
What do I want the mission/focus of the blog to be?
How should I format the blog?
Should I change the name?

By Monday, look for a new blog layout and name!
In July, I will conduct my first ever photo shoot!

Below is a list of names that didn't make the cut:
Spicy Sports-Sounds like porn
Not-A-Groupie (N.A.G. Sports isn't cute)
12 Years A Blogger (Too soon?)
Women love sports (such an obvious choice)
Olivia Pope of the Sports World(Give me a break Scandal was on)
Flirty Football (Again, sounds like porn)
Rack City Sports (You get it, cause have boobs :) )
IgnoRANT Sports (If I kept this name I wouldn't have to apologize for certain comments)
Ball Catcher (...)
WorldStar Blogger (No thanks, this site is setting black people back 30 years.  Sorry MLK)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Donald Sterling: The Media Is Promoting Empathy?

The moment many thought the battle was over and justice prevailed the media reminded us whose side they were always on, Donald's.  On many different social media platforms this week there has been a story floating around stating Donald's son had died from an apparent overdose.  After reading the headline, I immediately felt remorse for "poor" Donald.  Why you ask?  I don't wish harm to anyone and in my opinion he is conforming racist, or one who may not share their hate but does not want to accept judgement for accepting those who are generally not accepted in his circle.  

After clicking the link, my empathy was immediately retracted.  This story was published in January of 2013!!! Why is that relevant to now?  I believe this story was circulated to try to take the heat from Sterling and try to convert the "haters" to empathetic individuals.  Well your plan failed.  He is still very much hated and banned from the NBA.

I personally don't hate this man and I honestly don't strongly dislike him either.  I pity him.  He was dating a black woman!  He cares so much about reputation that he can't utilize his power to better humanity.  I just hope he realizes that all the people he tried to fit in with have left him out to die.  Its a good thing he old as dirt.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling: Regression not progression

Since the release of the audio that displayed Donald Sterling as a person searching for his white counterparts approval, I struggled not to respond.  Was I angry?  No, I'm an African-American professional who has been subjected to racism and unwarranted obstacles my entire life.  I was eager, eager to see to what would become of the situation.  How would the black community respond? The Hispanics? NBA?

While I await the fate of Donald Sterling, a multi billion dollar conformist, I came across a blog post that disrupted my entire day. "Black People Are Cowards" criticized black people and their response to situations like this and their media image.  I think the author has the wrong idea.  Black people are not cowards, they are regressing.  Consider the male and female image.  Women glorify their vivacious curves (a good thing) negatively.  What I mean by that is instead of promoting loving yourself they promote being glorified as a sexual object (i.e. video vixens and twerking).  Men have been focusing on glorifying the thug image and idolizing those with the most luxury goods and women.   This is not all men but recently it has been many in our communities.

I don't want to write a book, but I want to encourage you to do your part.  Portray a positive image on all social channels.   Let me help you do so.

1) Stop taking pics of your A$$
2) Stop cashing your check and spreading the money on your bed right before taking a pic to display you have a couple hundred (so tf what!)
3)Stop buying grills or grillz
4) Stop sagging-FYI that was a trend in jail to promote homosexual sex...If you not trying to "get it" in jail then stop!
5)Stop buying bad hair weaves.  If your hair is thicker than steel wool don't buy European hair
6)Do not wear your hair bonnet to the store!
7) Stop saying "be" in every sentence
8) VOTE!
9)Stop taking pics smoking weed.  What do you want a reward?

Even if no one did any of the aforementioned racism would still exist, but what I'm trying to say is we aren't helping ourselves anymore. To be clear, minorities aren't the only ones guilty of these things, but we are judged by those waiting on us to be the stereotypes they believe us to be. We aren't even maintaining what has been achieved throughout history.

Take a look at yourself and lets try to move forward.  Lets progress.

Why is this legal!!??

Friday, April 11, 2014

Colin Kaepernick: A sexual predator?

I am currently rebranding my blog, but there is no way I could pass up on the opportunity to voice my opinion on this claim.  I'm sure if you are reading this you are well aware and do not need me regurgitate.

I know I may be a bit biased towards Kaepernick but if I had an inkling he was guilty I was terminate ALL support.  After analyzing the report, I read I truly feel that all of three of them are innocent.  Sadly, with situations like these there are typically three approaches that third parties take.  One third of people believe the victim is a liar, the accused is guilty, and the last third tends to be more rational.  I try to fall into the group with more rational individuals; however, I initially wanted to believe the accuser was a groupie scorned.

The problem here is that many people "cry wolf" and attempt to capitalize on situations such as these causing empathy to no longer be our first emotional response.  I took to the web to understand as much as I could about the situation and what his family may have posted on their Twitter accounts.  Colin's brother, Kyle Kaepernick posted tweets and in the past couple of hours Colin broke his silence.  Regardless of the situation the outcome is sad, but I pray the truth comes to light.  There is nothing worse than false accusations that can tarnish a reputation or hurt a career.  My prayers are with all involved.


The preceding is what people want to hear, but honestly I'm pissed that people are so low down and devious.  Rape is NOT something you claim if it did not happen.  Never accuse someone or leave others to assume something is happening that is not.  All men with high profile positions need to watch out.  YOU ARE A TARGET!  Women who choose to gain on lies and open legs remember Karma is a b!tch.  Until the truth is revealed I will not attack anyone, or call the accuser a liar or opportunist.  In light of the situation, I think this needed to be said.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hashtag Happy Bday, Danie

Everyone wants to have a great bday.  I think the best way to do so will be to enjoy a tour at Candlestick park, attend a tour at Alcatraz, and *drum roll* get some happy birthday wishes from football players around the country.

The big day is March 18th and  I have decided to create a hashtag to get the ball rolling: #happybdaydanie  

If #Sharkeisha can trend so can my birthday!  Come on bay area, Chicago, America lets make this the best birthday I ever had!  

P.S. This seems like a selfish post...I'm over it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seahawks Win?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't breathe. My head hurts, literally.  I can not believe that we lost.  So close. So close.  Sorry for the repetitive speech, but this can't be real life.   I feel like my dog got ran over by a semi that backed up and ran over it again.

Its so difficult to lose so close to the goal of every football team, a chance to win a Super Bowl.  The first half created a false hope for all San Francisco fans.  This is such a disappointing lost, but on the bright side I just moved to SF and have plenty of time to experience a win.  I will continue this tomorrow.  I was ready for the Super Bowl too. I brought the cutest Niners gear :(

Sex Sells in Football

Today is the day (NFL Playoffs) and as we all anxiously await the results I decided to "research"  which players should make the sexy bowl (corny I know, its Sunday give me a break).  Its a new year and I think its time to make a new list of hot players!!!!

Take a look and see who you may not know on the list.

2014 Hotties (Football Edition)

1) Colin Kaepernick
I don't think this is much of a surprise if you are a fan of my blog.

  • Gorgeous in a  interesting way.  I mean lets face it he has a very unique face, but hes sooooooo hot because of it.
  • He is football's breakout star.
  • He seems like a genuinely nice person.
2) Kellen Winslow
  • He is a huge mass of all man
  • He may be accused of masturbating in public....
  • He has a small neck and broad shoulders. In my book that means you're a winner
3)Kahlil Bell

  • I have no idea what his ethnicity is and that makes him exotic!
  • The best smile in the NFL
  • Seems very down to Earth

4) Bobby Wagner


  • Looks like a younger version of sexy Reggie Bush
  • In touch with his childhood (fan of TMNT)
  • Has an awesome body (enough said)
5)Mychal Kendricks


  • He is still young and in his prime
  • Has a bunch of pics with his shirt off
  • Looks great in a suit

6) Kenny Vaccaro


  • Looks like Colin Kaepernick
  • Can dress well
  • Has amazing bone structure
7) Aaron Hernandez

  • He has dimples
  • When he is not allegedly killing people he can be pretty cute.  
  • He could be innocent...Too soon?
8) Vince Willfork
Ok, I quit

You get the idea.  Know any other hotties who wear a helmet? Send in your pics!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Im Back! Lets Pull An Andy Dalton

Ive been on a hiatus for a while now.  I'm adjusting to life, but before we get into that I want to express how happy I am!  Lets just say I am happier than a kid pulling an Andy Dalton!

Posts will resume tomorrow!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Danie Anders: Blogger

No, I am not dead. I miss my blog and love doing it; however, I just made a huge move from Chicago to San Francisco and I am trying to make time to be good at my job.  I need to focus on myself and adjusting.  In January, I will be back and will start vlogging.